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The early days of my web development carreer

Here is a bit different article about how software engineering in general got into my life when I was a teenager.
I think my first connection with computer science, or more specifically web development, was when I was about 10 years old (or even younger?), my father was working as a JAVA developer, and one of his colleagues in Switzerland had a homepage which was extremely simple: basically there was the name of his, some weather information about his hometown (as far as I remember) - AND (that's the most important part) a real time webcam!
"How was that real time?", you may ask, and is a very valid question.
Imagine we are in 1998, where weird browsers were popping up from every corner (without any standards, yikes!). So how could one implement a real-time webcam on a webpage?
The trick was that there was an image (which you could see as a real-time camera), which was refreshed every 10 or 20 seconds (so basically changing it's URL from JavaScript /or maybe it wasn't JS? not sure../).
That was so mindblowing for me, I couldn't really imagine I could build something like that even if I spent a whole lifetime learning it.
After that my next meeting with Computer Science was Comenius Logo. To be honest, I believe I was a very bad "programmer" back then since I thought "What is the point of this? Moving a turtle around the screen with an overly verbose way? That's just simply pointless.".

So I was not super motivated about Comenius Logo. I only remember the games which we were playing after school on Pentium 1-s (Outlaws multiplayer on LAN ftw!).

After that I basically tried myself as a "homepage developer" without knowing that I was doing any programming - since I only wrote HTML code without any coding involved. One could say it WAS programming, but I highly doubt that.
That was the time when I met MS Frontpage 2003.

So I built a homepage basically to share gaming photos about Warcraft 3 and GTA: Vice City. This homepage had a header (!), a footer (!) and also a sidebar (!!).
It was one of the best experiences developing it and uploading it via FTP to a free hosting service, which had a never disappearing ad banner at the top of every page. It was not that annoying by that time since I was like "WHOA! I have a webpage! Who cares about freaking ads?".
So yeah, that was it, after that I started to develop other very small webpages, and started to explore the world of the interwebz.

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